The Thrill in Riding a Ferris Wheel

It was a well planned get together with my old friends and as what happens with planned events  it gets cancelled. So I’m alone. But this is not a story of my solitude, nor how I did get to the ferris wheel and how much it took  for me to actually ride one. This will actually tell why I put the ferris wheel in my bucket list and for this the first that I chose to actually tell a story.

Under a skyway along in Makati




Ferris wheel in Mall of Asia in Pasay City

A ferris wheel is actually the one ride that I’m so thrilled to ride with whenever I go to an amusement park. Well, with other rides, it’s likely that I am less interested or it might be that the ride have thrilled me enough that I can’t even give a thought of even just lining up to them. With ferris wheel I think I can relax while looking at the world with bird’s eye view. Now isn’t that amazing, contemplating the beauty that surrounds you.

My interest in riding a ferris wheel started when I was still in grade school. It was nearing the feast of our town and as a yearly event a funfair near the seaside was also built that lasts for over a month or two. I think I was in grade four back then when there was a ferris wheel.

We were just new in the town then. We came from the city of Manila and transferred to Borongan, Eastern Samar. And my new friends would tell me a story of how once there was a horror train which wasn’t that horrifying but still fun to ride. And now there’s a ferris wheel. It was already dark when we arrived at the funfair. The moon was full and even hundreds of meters away you could already hear the noise coming from the place itself. And so I saw it. If I could remember it right it was painted blue with red lines. Though the metal bars are quite rusty already, it was still safe to ride with. And it was noisy enough around adding the noise coming from the motor that drives the ferris wheel was somewhat annoying already. 

The first time I saw a ferris wheel was way back years before that moment. It was in Enchanted Kingdom and it was high enough by just looking at it, probably in the eyes of a seven year old kid. But I didn’t ride it then, for some unknown fogged reason.

Going back to my grade school moment facing that noisy ferris wheel. The best part of it was that one of our neighbors who also studies at the school we just transferred to saw us. And people being kind to people, this person decided to treat us. I can’t remember how much it cost, but does it even matter now. When you treat somebody or another person treats you, you sure wouldn’t remember the cost, but rather the moment that you had with them. Unfortunately for me, I chose not to ride that time.

A view from Smaison
Fear. The reason I declined riding a ferris wheel twice, and probably deciding not to do a lot of things. Fear that something might happen while I’m on top. And just now I realized how fun and fear are exact opposites. Sure we have to acknowledge fear to avoid further casualties, but I don’t think we have to let them control our decisions. So I decided with this bucket list that I’ll overcome fear. (For some, becasue I don’t think that I can swim with sharks as of the moment nor touch a humungous spiider.)

Overall, I enjoyed that two-minute ride. And with greater realization, I now see that by overcoming fear, we’re bound to see more beauty.


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